Shear to Stone Sharpening
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cutting hair with sharpened shears

the Shear Expert

I sharpen shears. In the cosmetology industry scissors are referred to as shears. It can be confusing for people who don't do hair. Just to clarify, I do not sharpen clipper blades or work on clippers.


salon shears

Salon Shears

My machine is designed with a horizontal disk allowing me to produce a perfect curved edge on Japanese style convex shears. I have worked with countless stylists to restore their convex shears to factory grade or sharper.

Barber cutting hair

Barber Shears

Beveled shears are a classic design and the most popular style. I can match the angle to any beveled shear, resulting in a long-lasting, durable edge.

grooming a dog

Grooming Shears

Sharp ends are critical for groomers to ensure precision for sometimes less than cooperative clients. I can help keep your shears in optimal condition.

Shear Sharpening

The Process

I begin each service by inspecting blade edges and measure the blades for any bend. While sharpening, I utilize different abrasives to remove only the smallest amount of steel. This is what guarantees the longest possible life for your shears. For shears with ride lines, I finish the service on water stones.

Shears I Service

I sharpen all beauty and barbering shears, including thinning and texturizing shears. For groomers, I sharpen both flat and curved shears. I do not do serrated edges.

Sharpening Results

My shear sharpening services restore shears back to their factory brilliance---or sharper.

Mail-In Shears

As a fellow stylist, I understand the relationship we have with our beloved shears. Rest assured I will perform your sharpening service with the highest care and concern for your tools. Simply fill out my form and mail in your shears. My service is typically a 24-48 hour turnaround time. Once completed your shears will be shipped back to you wrapped and in a padded envelope with the tracking number. I do offer on-site sharpening services by appointment, for customers in the Grand Valley area.

Pricing Details

My prices are as follows:

Mail in: $40 for the first pair of shears

$30 for each additional set of shears

On-Site: $30 per shear

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