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Shear Sharpening

Hi! I'm Constance Carrell, owner and founder of Shear to Stone Sharpening. All of my life I've had an ongoing passion for the beauty industry. Working as a cosmetologist, I quickly realized the value of shears and how much impact the condition of our shears has on our work. Dull shears can pull, causing damage to our client’s hair. A stylist using dull shears is forced to apply improper tension causing damage to hands and wrists. This is what led me to offer shear sharpening services. Today I help fellow stylists, barbers and groomers save money and keep that razor-sharp edge they need for business.


“Amazing job with my shears, will not use anyone else, they are like new!”

-Amanda H

Stay Sharp

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It's Never Been Easier

Have your shears begun to dull over time? Have you dropped or knocked your shears onto the floor? Do they open or close incorrectly, or not at all? Buying a new pair might seem like the only option but most shears can be restored! I work on beauty, barbering and grooming shears. All you have to do is mail in your shears. Or if you live in, or around the Grand Valley area, schedule an on-site visit.

Shears Collage

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